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Who We Are

Who We Are

The company was founded in 1993 as UKEAS Worldwide, or ‘UKEAS’ for short. In the following years UKEAS became a highly respected international student recruitment agency with 30+ offices in key markets in Asia and Africa, serving an impressive portfolio of partners in the UK, Ireland, North America and Australasia. In September 2021, the company set its sights on the exciting future goal of becoming the world’s leading student and partner advisor. As part of this and to reflect a truly global vision, the company changed its name to Intake Education, or ‘Intake’ for short.  


What We Value

At Intake we are committed to providing our students with a world-class service to help them prepare for their studies overseas. We are dedicated to helping our students reach their educational objectives and to advancing their careers upon their return to their home country.   

We firmly believe that students are happier, more settled and more successful when they are studying at the most appropriate institution for them and have been fully advised throughout the application and visa procedure. Intake advising is impartial and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the application and, once the student has accepted an offer, accommodation, food, weather and the idiosyncrasies of student life overseas from the perspective of an international student.


Our Brand

We are committed to our core purpose of connecting each and every student with the overseas education opportunity that has the greatest potential to impact their future. We believe it is the care and effort with which we provide advice that allows us to do this and differentiates us from the competition. We achieve this by being experts in the field of advising for all our students, as well as experts in several different markets across the world. We bring this level of professionalism to everything we do, including our recruitment events, our online presence and our partnerships with other institutions. We believe in putting the interests of students first, are honest and upfront in everything we do and are adamant about the integrity of our work.