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Intake Impact scholarships

Intake Impact Scholarships

Intake impact scholarships


Intake is delighted to announce that we will be offering fully funded scholarships to selected outstanding individuals to study a one year postgraduate Master's degree in the UK starting in September 2022.


What will the scholarship cover?

The scholarships will cover the following:

  • Tuition fees up to £25,000 for a 1 year Master’s programme in the UK
  • Living Expenses in the UK to include accommodation and monthly living allowance (up to £18,000 in London and £15,000 outside London)
  • Economy class travel to the UK from and returning to their home country only (booked by Intake)
  • Visa fees
  • Health Surcharge
  • TB testing fee
  • Travel allowance to ensure smooth arrival


Who should apply?

The Intake Scholarship scheme is actively seeking to sponsor students that we identify as offering outstanding abilities to bring about beneficial change and positively impact the future development of their home country. 

We are looking for individuals who: 

  • are ambitious, focused and driven by a passion to improve the lives of those around them
  • are leaders, and have a proven track record of achievement, both academic and in the broader community
  • can clearly demonstrate a high level of passion and conviction regarding their chosen course of study and how that degree will help them achieve their future goals



The Intake Scholarship is open to any student who wishes to study for a postgraduate Master's degree in the UK, subject to the following restrictions:

1. Must be a citizen of the country where the application is made. (NOTE: applicant cannot be a British or Dual British Citizen).
2. Must submit all the university applications through Intake before applying for the scholarship. Intake will have the final decision on whether any application is submitted to a particular university.
3. Must a hold a minimum GPA equivalent of a 2:1 from a prestigious university.
4. The award will be subject to students being unconditionally successful in at least one of their university applications by the deadline of May 31 2022. Note: Finance conditions are exempted.
5. Cannot be an employee, former employee or family member of a current/former employee of Intake or any of our UK university partners.
6. Must be willing to accept all terms & conditions, which could be found in the application page.
7. Must be willing to be an active participant in the Intake Scholarship Alumni Group and their associated activities.
8. Intake does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation, etc.


Which courses can students apply?

The Intake Scholarship Scheme is open to any candidate applying to any UK university for a one year postgraduate master's degree. There is no restriction on the subject matter that can be studied.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that we are looking for candidates that are going to be effective at leading change and having an impact after their studies have been completed. Those choosing degrees in areas that most demonstrably meet that goal will be at an advantage during the selection process.

The Process

intake Impact scholarship process

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