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Marketing Services

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Marketing Services

We want Intake to be known for insightful and inspirational advice. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach into new markets as well as grow those we already operate in. Our central and in-country marketing teams provide local market insight and marketing services that serve to advance the reputation of our partner schools. We aim to build insights into the state of mind of students in each country/region and apply those insights to develop innovative and meaningful marketing programmes to market-leading standards. 

We offer multiple packages depending on your marketing needs, from social media campaigns to event site exposure. We can work with you to fine-tune the positioning and brand awareness for your institution. Our central and in-country marketing teams have the local market insight it takes to reach potential students for our university, school, and college partners. We take a flexible, local and professional approach to marketing. We also have our own in-house design and digital team that can work with you to deliver your project.   
If you are an education institution looking to improve your position in one or more of our markets, please get in touch with us for a chat: [email protected]